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September 28, 2006


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Democrat, the party of disaster. Thank freedom for the blogs which encourage looking at the Democrat party as it is.

wonderful post...

"I know from my own life how empowering shaking off the old clothes of rigid received ideas and alliances can be."

i hope Sen. Lieberman will see the light to low taxation someday as well.

of course, i am curious why NBC, CBS, ABC, etc., are not promoting Joe Lieberman's lead in the polls as a bellwether for the Nation, as they did Lamont's primary victory?

Whether you like Joe Lieberman or not, we all need to give him boatloads of respect. The one thing that Joe has, that the Democrat Party lacks, is conviction and loyalty to his Connecticut constituents and the American people!! Run Joe Run!!

Well, hello, Geary. I just peeked over Goomp's shoulder (am down Maine visiting) and saw what you emailed him. A girl always enjoys hearing that someone loves her blog. Thanks so much for your kind words. :-)

As for when did Sissy become a conservative, I think it sunk in shortly after graduating from college (the usual mugging by reality). These days, I call myself a Darwinian conservative, of course.

Can't wait to visit your own forthcoming blog -- Besure to email me with notification.

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