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September 15, 2006


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It should be obvious that Islam does not mean peace when it is under the control of fanatics who tell the rest of the world that you will adopt Islam or you will die. Christianity was not a religion of peace in the days of the Spanish Inquisition. When fanatics, be they religious or secular, try to rule the world, the solution is kill them and enough of those who support them to make them peaceable.

She will be sorely missed. What a brave woman indeed.

Great tribute, Sissie, glad to see the obvious (but overlooked!) connection between these two unlikely compatriots. Funny world, the atheist and the Pope agree on this and dare speak it out loud! May her soul rest in peace, and may Papa Ratzi stay safe.

As my sis and I are forever imailing to each other, "we know what we know."

She's religious, I'm not, but most of my best friends are. Go figure.


Just stopping in for a few minutes with my morning coffee as I am staying off the internet while our beloved son is home until he leaves this Thursday.

He flew in yesterday to Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport after the plane had been diverted to Little Rock for a few hours because of the weather.

You can just imagine our anxiety and this was just for a flight home. When Drew leaves this Thursday it will be back to Camp McCoy to get ready for the flight overseas to the warzone.

He punches his "ticket" in Kuwait which will start the year-long countdown until he is able to return again. Then the 875th Engineers will be moving into Iraq. Their destination will be to an area near Baghdad.

Your post on the wonderful, (now lost to the freedom loving world) Oriana Fallaci was in the spirit of that great, brave defender of truth and is so full of insight.

Bless you a hundred thousand times Sissy.

Bless you and Drew and all of your loved ones a hundred thousand times more, Laura Lee.

God bless and God speed Drew. Beloved nephew Nathan (the Navy guy) is, as we speak, deploying to Iraq as well. May their lives be protected as those of us who cherish them would wish!

THE FORCE OF REASON is powerful and compelling to me. I had started reading and put it aside from the need for less stressful fare. To my joy, it sat waiting quietly until I got to it, and now my mind is filled with brilliant words written by a brilliant woman. By now I'm sure she has the answer to whether or not she was right to be an atheist!

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