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August 08, 2006


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People wanting to get into journalism usually say it's because they want to become "advocates" for social justice.

They say they want to become citizens of the world.

The facts of whatever they report on are lost in that fog and the journalism schools promote liberal ideology in its place.

This is a homerun post.

It really is.

Excellent post. But you can take it further. If politics is about power, and if the Marxist victim-oppressor narrative is a politically-motivated narrative (and probably not truly believed-in - most political narratives are intended as boob-bait), then what is the Real Goal?

BD: World Domination, of course. :)

wonderful post...

Bill and Hillary played the victim, to hide their own negligence, further encouraging the liberal extremes, with visions of 'vast right wing conspiracies'...

but the reality remains, they were the establishment for 8 long, misguided years...

"victims of "erroneous and destructive ideas"

Lemming suicide is myth, but did you know that a pregnant oryx antelope in southern africa will reabsorb her fetus in times of extreme drought and corresponding resource depletion and biological stress when survival of mother and child is in doubt?

Greenman Tim: Didn't know but love knowing. Thanks so very much for sharing your fascinating knowledge. Mother Nature moves in myriad survival-of-the-fittest ways.

Another interesting survival strategy comes from our friend down under, the mother kangaroo, who is said to toss her joey [reminds me of the Rats in Connecticut, who tossed Hadassah Lieberman's Joey yesterday] from the pouch allowing it "to die to conserve her own body reserves during famine while keeping the embryo she is carrying in the uterus dormant until the food supply is replenished":


Hmmm. I feel another blogpost coming on.

Fetal absorption is a survival strategy of not only deer and antelope, but of other prey species, even rabbits, as well.

The human body will also respond to excessive stress by spontaneous abortion. The need to protect a woman "in a delicate condition" probably comes from this.

Evolution would necessarily protect the fertile, mature female, instead of untried fetus. Nature also guards against depletion of numbers by quickly making the body fertile again and sexually receptive.

Pat is right on target with her comments. There was a fascinating study done on the growth rings of mammouth tusks to try and answer the question of whether loss of habitat or excessive predation by homo sapiens with clovis point spears played the greater role in its extinction. If the growth rings were consistantly stunted, showing prolonged calcium depletion, that would indicate that resource depletion and climate change killed the mammoths. If there were periods of calcium depletion over several years followed by longer periods of accretion, that would indicate an animal population trying to shorten intervals between reproduction and rebuild depleted numbers: precisely the pattern seen in modern elephant herds subject to extensive culling. An elephant gestates for 22 months, and the mammoths showed two year intervals of calcium loss followed by less than five years of accretion. Conclusion. Elephants were trying to replensih their numbers and the killer ape was the likely cause of their downfall.

I blogged on this, if you are interested, at Walking the berkshires in a post entitled Keystone Corpse. http://greensleeves.typepad.com/berkshires/2006/03/keystone_corpse.html

So true. This journalistic approach is a great menace to realism, and it's even worse in Europe and in the Muslim world. A fake grasp of reality leads to wrong reactions.
Like Hawking, I'm really pessimistic about where this is all going...

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