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August 27, 2006


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Extremism must be extinghished else it destroys everything else. If Islam doesn't destroy its extremists the world will become a battle that will destroy Western Civilization or Islam.

i share your cynicism about the entire affair Sissy...

but regardless, the Muslim Radical Militants continue to show such desperate, cowardly, disgusting, behavior...

it is pathetic...

What a...ummm... compelling religion... when they're so desperate for new "members" that they stick a gun in people's faces and say "convert or we'll kill you". Oh yeah, real peaceful and serene that one.

How is it that telling someone what they want to hear when they point a gun at you, now defines you as "converted"? That's not conversion that's coersion. Conversion is a voluntary process. As a reporter I'm surprised he doesn't have enough of a grasp of the English language to make this distinction. Unless he's still in fear of his life while he's over there.

I will find it very disturbing if he really does consider himself to be a convert now. I would also consider any other news stories from him to be suspect if he continues to say he was "converted" in this manner.

Centanni - in the few remarks he made in his first interview - was eager to describe 'the Palestinian people' as "...beautiful,loving,
kind-hearted people...". Both he and Wiig expressed concern that these people should get to tell 'their story' - as if that 'story' isnt all we hear from morning to night from Reuters, BBC,CNN International...
I was waiting for Centanni to tell us how Islam is a 'beautiful and peaceful religion' that has been hijacked by naughty men like his kidnappers...
But wait - maybe he includes the kidnappers among the 'beautiful, kind-hearted, loving ' Palestinians of which he is so fond.

Centanni will, I am sure, have many future opportunities to tell their story - Everybody knows that we wouldnt have murders and kidnappings by Muslims if only someone would tell their story...

Is that Cary Grant on the TV? What a gorgeous man! Turner Classic Movies showcased Cary Grant movies over the weekend. We watched "Gunga Din" and "Suspicion."

Rrgarding conversion to Islam under duress, I believe that the Islamic concept of taqiyya (lying is acceptable under certain conditions) came about because some Muslim (back in the Mohammed days) denied that he was a Muslim in order to save himself from non-Muslims who threatened him. It's OK to lie about your religion if the alternative is getting beat up or killed. (Unlike Christianity, which expects you to die for your faith rather than deny it.) So these reporters were, in a sense, operating within an accepted Islamic principle.

Miss Kelly - I saw Cary too - we watched Gunga Din the other night - one of my faves. *grin*

As for the lying about converting - it sounded to me like once he was freed, he still considered himself "converted" - in other words, unlike Jill Caroll I didn't see him saying "I told them what they wanted to hear". Unless he has since made such a statement. I don't watch much news if I can help it - and so I miss later statements unless someone blogs it specifically and I catch it. Or unless I'm sufficiently interested to keep my eye on it. I was mostly offline this past weekend so I'm sure I missed follow-ups.

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