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August 18, 2006


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Tiny's yawn is truly classic.

I am kitty ... hear me roar, err, yawn. hehe.

Check your email when you get a chance Sissy. I've sent you some info.

wonderful post...

did you see this amusing Feline?

Cat Flushing...

Cats gotta flush, birds gotta fly . . .

I love the contented look... but there's not much difference between Tiny's yawn and his much larger cousin. ;)

There is something so wonderful about a pink-nosed kitty! Sam the magnificent (all 25 pounds of him) is a pink nosed kitty! Not that I love Tim (the blue point Siamese angel) any less - it's just that Sam is somehow more enchanting to me!

Tiny's yawn is a duplicate of one that I see at least 2-3 times daily at my house! Sam's hobby is sleeping! Tim's hobby is finding new ways in which to snuggle up to me. He is currently perching on top of my recliner, resting his head on top of my head, and becomes very incensed if I dare to move! Cats are neverending sources of fascination.

I would hate to see those big lions angry at anyone! Thankfully kitties are safe. Liz Barton has some interesting ideas on cat behavior. You can get in contact with her via her website if you're interested in training your friend :)

Not only does the yawn speak of our place in their pride but also the bowing stretch and my favorite, the erect tail.

My ususal habit/pattern is to feed the chickens first and the goose 'goes off' with her demands. This signals the barn cats to trek up through the orchard to the back steps and wait for me to head to the barn for feeding. After much greeting and stroking at the steps I 'round them up' with my "comeon kitties" and we head down the path to the barn. They string out in a line, most in front and some behind but all of them walking with their tails up. If I see one down I just call them by name and their greeting tail pops up. What a delight.

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