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August 31, 2006


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Gee, Sissy. I thought everybody knew "fascist" really means Republican. Where's everybody been?


Always smile when i see the 'chickenhawk' blog roll revealing a new, mighty SISU posting...

Wonderful post and great images...

Ironic, Dr. Seuss was someone who could recognize the threat of the AXIS, but turned into a liberal appeaser facing the Soviet Union with sincere denial. his opposition to Ronald Reagan was overt, at times uncivil, and completely misguided, as the legend President Reagan led to the liberation of 100s of Millions in Eastern Europe.

President Reagan was right, appeasement was indeed self destructive, and 'containment' was not good enough for our World. he understood fully, isolation was pure suicide, and the USA needed to lead in this dark world.

It is quite appropriate, for the liberal MSM, to fail to understand the simple conjecture of the current Secretary of Defense for the USA in a time of War.

Those 'drive by' Media types, who have been slandering, demeaning, debasing the Bush Administration and the Republicans, in attempt to empower the confused, misguided, unethical Democrat Partisans, are revealing yet again, they remain 'in way over their heads'...

You have laid bare the crisis. Has Western Civilization become too soft to face the true nature of human kind? In the relatively slow moving world of World War II there was time for a slow awakening and building a response that eliminated Hitler and his forces. Fanatical Muslims armed with Nuclear Bombs may allow us no such time. Wake up, you of faint heart, and face that it is a kill or be killed world today as it always has been and always will be when the power to rule falls into dictatorial hands be they religious or secular.


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