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August 22, 2006


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Sweet Tiny Pea is the most gorgeous GIRL I've ever seen. Is she unwilling to accept affection like most female cats or is she susceptible to the blandishments of such as myself who would cuddle her into catatonia (like I do my own two boys - who seem to never get ENOUGH absolutely embarrassing displays of affection from me).

This morning Tim climbed onto my lap as I was drinking my first (desperately needed) cup of coffee and I proceeded to belly rub him into a state of euphoria - head thrown back against my arm, massive purring, little front paws waving in the air. Once Tim headed off in search of a tasty nibble, the Sam man came strolling along, climbed onto the arm of my recliner (a most unusual undertaking for him as he is no lap cat), and the head began butting my arm until I started stroking his head, neck, chest and chin. This lasted for about 10 minutes and then, off he went to join Tim at the food dish. It was actually a very NICE way to start my day.

Then seeing the very beautiful Sweet Tiny Pea continued the pleasure of my morning. So thank you Sissy!

Gayle -- Tiny is a nosebiter who rises on her hind feet to ram my head when I sweet talk her . . . She loves to pet but, like many girl kitties, does not like to be picked up. Baby, on the other hand, is more like your two boys. You pick him up, cradle him in your arms like an infant, and he dissolves in dreamy-eyed, floppy-pawed purring.

WOW! What a Woman!


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