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August 14, 2006


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Braindead multicultural leftists are set for extinction, but at least the President and some in the media are calling a spade a spade or the terrorists the Holy War Islamofacsists by their real name.

I don't know how you can watch CNN - they drive me nuts they are so biased for the enemy. They should change their name to Islamo News Network.

When we were stationed in Germany all we had was CNN International. That's when I started to really get on the internet. For a time we could watch the Fox News Channel on the internet and then they took that away.

CNN International is a horrid organization. One time our tv froze on a BBC gardening show and at the time the scene on the telly was of manure. It stayed that way for several days but I didn't care because at least it wasn't CNN International.

The West is slowly...ever so slowly...coming around. Here and there a head is popping up and calling the enemy by name, even if it is lopped off by a barrage of political correctness immediately afterwards. Even politicians are beginning to append, timorously to be sure, the name "Islam" to "terrorism".

But very few are yet able to face the stark truth with conviction: whether we like it or not and whether Islam likes it or not, it is Islam we are at war with. Not "fundamentalist Islam" or "radical Islam" or "Islamic terrorism". We are at war with Islam as surely as we were at war with Germany and Japan, and not "Nazis" and "Japanese imperialists".

It is time to realize that a "moderate" Muslim is either a Muslim who has been falsely taught, or a Muslim who doesn't want to go to jail for being a good Muslim.

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