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August 28, 2006


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We could all learn a lesson from your cats!

Goomp's beautiful cat reminds me of my lovely, oh-so-elegant (at times) bluepoint baby Timmy who will be 2 years old on 9/25.

I really enjoyed this post Mrs. Miller...

I have run into some Conservatives who are even engaged in demeaning this President.

It really is misguided.

I remain deeply thankful for this Man from Texas.

Especially knowing, Al and John, stayed far away from the White House.

Would some Conservatives really enjoy seeing Kyoto, International Courts, Tax Increases, appeasing Terrorists, become US Federal Policy?

The silly MSM, like Democrat Partisans, are overplaying their hands again, with baseless Katrina Hysteria, making politics out of a Hurricane Tragedy, while we fight a GWOT.

Very sad, but making the desire to rebuke their self serving madness this Nov., even greater...

Totally awesome? Aw, shucks, ma'am!

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