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August 01, 2006


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You are too kind and wonderful Sissy (Tuck & the furballs too). Little correction, it is Hooah Wife, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hooah. I had a wicked awesome time at the casa de Sissy today. You made my summer vacation complete. Now let's find someone who knows someone who knows Gov. Romney & get the Big Dig straightened out! Hugs & Kisses!!!

Sounds like it was a wonderfully fun day. Glad you two enjoyed yourselves. *grin*

And you didn't invite me? Oh sniff! I feel so left out! :P

Poor little girl . . . Consider yourself to have an open invitation. 'Didn't realize you were in the area. :)

Spending time with Sissy and the CATS (I'm mad for both of Sissy's angels) AND with margaritas thrown in for good measure. Sounds like a rocking good time.

Maybe by the time I head for Vegas in October where I'll meet up with my sister and some other friends, I'll have mastered my digital camera and can share pictures with y'all!

The photo's lovely and I'm also envious. Broccoli soup and Margaritas? Uummmm!

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