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August 17, 2006


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All your friends of the blogosphere are pleased that the cataract surgery turned out so successfully.

Friends in need are friends indeed.

Told you so !

Please let us know how your surgery went!!!!

Am glad that you're even more clear-eyed than usual; please continue to see the faults of your friends through a flattering gauzy filter. :-)

The patch is off already! Terrific news indeed. Have a wonderful time with your new clear vision. I take it this will mean even more kitty pics. *grin*

We recently found a dead mouse in our living room. We brought out the yellow tape, put on our latex gloves, and after a thorough investigation concluded it must have been one of our three cats killed the hapless creature. Most likely Thalia.

Then we went to the movies.

DOH, I forgot to congratulate you on the clear vision.. so, congratulations on the clear vision!

Congratulations on the sucessful surgery, Sissy! It must be wonderful to look at the world in this new way.

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