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August 09, 2006


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Two things:

First, some in the 'reality based comunity,' believe today's events were Rove inspired, so as to take away attention from the 'Nedreline' CT primary win.

Second- I read this post, twice.

I will project a bit into the future and note that when Lieberman wins as an independent, inquiries into the immigration policies of Venezuala will go up.

Since Stephen Harper has been elected, Canada is no longer a preferred destination.

Sweet Pea done good! Those two cats are gorgeous!

Today's events were an absolute disaster for the moonbat community - and truly terrifying for those frightened Dems who had sworn to support Lamont in the general election. You see now they are stuck with the anti-war candidate and will be unable to strike the "I support the soldiers but don't support the war" false pose as in the past.

The reality is that Senator Joseph Lieberman will be reelected He only lost by 4% among Democrats and a LOT of Connecticut Republicans will be voting for him, leaving Loser Lamont with his 52% of Democrats - ONLY.

One can only hope that this entire primary battle has been an enormous eye opener for Senator Lieberman as to the quality and morality of his former Democratic colleagues. If that proves true, Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn) could be the Dems worst nightmare!

The war of civilizations is here, and the leftist Dems don't have a clue. Should they take control, we will be Muslim or we shall be dead.

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