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August 29, 2006


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It's all about money. Media has to appear out front with the news to gain watchers and readers or those who pay big bucks to advertise will go else where. If all media talks the same line they feel safe. Anything different might lose readers or listeners.

thanks for the praise. it is kind of nice to have work that i was told would never get any attention (because the MSM wd never give it the time of day) have some impact. in a way, pallywood was like putting (blogger) bloodhounds on to the scent. i hope the scene is permananently altered.

as for testifying, it hasn't happened yet. first trial in later next month. i'll be blogging extensively on it.

and you're absolutely right about the stakes being bigger. nothing short of that wondrous and awesome experiment in human freedom known as democracy. alas poor europe! i knew her well....


The "news media" is theater, the better they play it, the more money they can make.

The bottom line is... What sells? If we can't find the story we'll make it up, if the story isn't good enough to draw an audience, we'll doctor it, if the story isn't going the direction we like, we'll change the facts.

I don't think there's any real news left. I'm never sure when I hear an item if it's true or not, and if there is truth, how much.

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