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August 12, 2006


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I was mulling over same this mornin,' the ridiculous and probably largely ineffective restrictions on air travel. http://misskelly.typepad.com/miss_kelly_/2006/08/should_us_airli.html
We need to figure out a way to screen passengers for intent, not weapons. Richard Reid tried to set off a bomb in his shoes, now we all remove our shoes. So how long before a jihadi lady smuggles something explosive in her bra? What will the airlines make us do in response to bra-bombers? It's a losing battle, screening for weapons. Like trying to fight wrinkles. Can't win that game. I wish there would be some grand new thinking about airline security.

Aussies, aussies, aussies- oy! oy! oy!!!

LOL - when I went to pick up my mail from my neighbor, she was telling me that the next step would be flying naked... Love the cartoon.

"Bra bombers"?? The whole idea creeps me out. And please, take it no further!

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