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August 10, 2006


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Even I, would be happy to swap some neighbors with you. Keep your ears peeled -and don't hesitate to call DSS if she is in any danger!

The Muslim emphasis on male domination makes it a wonderful target for elimination. Same as that of Fundamentalist Christianity. Any religion that gives one sex "superiority" over the other needs extensive "revision," including the all-male hierarchy at the Vatican.

long after 9-11, many were ideal (myself included) in believing the problems remained with a few, but the evidence being produced over the last 5 years, suggests the possibility that this enormous difficulty, is a product of much more.

perhaps this is emblematic of the whole...

we always knew how troubled the Arab Muslim Region was, but not to this deeply concerning extent.

very sad indeed...

May God bless and keep Sissy and family and that innocent little child. And of course the kitties.

Oh Sissy..how awful.I would be imagining all sorts of things..most of them bad.

Keep safe.

I hope that little girl is okay.

I hope the little girl is okay also. Do call child protective services at once if there's another occurrence of the screaming.

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