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August 24, 2006


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In the normal course of events, if I dream I don't remember it... heh.

As for vivid and/or strange dreams, remember you had surgery only a few days ago - all that lovely medication wreaks havoc in the background for far longer than you would imagine. I have had some weird dreams after having had various sorts of anesthesia (several times in my life). Give yourself at least a month and maybe even 2 months to work it all out if your system. Until then be prepared for some very "interesting" dreams.

One always hopes the dreams will be enjoyable, but often they are just the opposite. Maybe in the short term future you'll have some lovely dreams too.

Teresa -- I hadn't thought of anesthetic drug aftereffects . . . Combine it with nightly martinis, and who knows where it might lead?

When I was about five years old I was at my grandparents' house playing dressup with my cousin, Jeanne. We were dressing up in white lace, pretending to be brides. My grandfather was watching television on his black and white tv and I noticed a mushroom cloud on the screen and asked him what it was.

He told me. (I wrote about that experience just the other day but didn't include the dreams that his answer may have caused. Anyway, that's when the "kingdom come" dreams started. Around that time anyway. They frightened me so much that I was convinced that if I ever told anyone about them that they would come true.

I didn't have the nerve to talk about them until I was fourteen.

I dreamed I was standing in darkness. I couldn't tell if there was anything above or below me or anywhere around me. I started to take a step and a voice said, "Don't touch that or you'll blow us all to kingdom come." The voice frightened me and I tripped and I guess whatever it was I touched it and suddenly there was nothing.

That became a recurrent dream for most of my childhood.

Anyway, here's the post about my conversation with my grandfather (who by the way I loved very much and don't blame him for that weird dream)


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