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July 01, 2006


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Should we say " Hats on" to the Sub Rosa group?

Ouch... Sissy my dear are you trying to break everyone's monitor? Yikes - one picture of me will do it every time. *grin* Put me in a hat... and no one will be able to recover.

ROFL - you are a sweetie you know. Young and beautiful... I ain't touching that one.

A pretty girl is like a melody.

Everyone looks grand !

Thanks for posting the pictures..

Jesus Mary and Joseph - be careful of what you ask for!! Not a great angle for me, do I really have a double chin, squinty eyes and chipmunk cheeks? I guess so.....Have to work on that hat thing.....

No peectures, no peectures . . .

I love "Jesus Mary and Joseph," Miss K: 'Reminds me of my grandmother, who used to regale us kids with stories of the woman who lived downstairs in her building when she was a young mother with infant Mary, who would grow up to become our mother. The woman downstairs, ever distraught at her lot in life, would always say "Jesus Mary and Joseph, I got so much cooking, and I got so much cleaning, and oi, Mrs. Loddy, I'm so tired."

Beautiful, intelligent women in hats. Can't beat that with a stick. :D

Ask Rupert Murdoch for some Danish cartoons

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