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July 24, 2006


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You are "right on" and so is W with his "bring it on." For all of recorded history those who desire to rule others give the world three choices, Do as I say, die, or kill me. So it has always been and so it always will be as long as humans are the planet's dominant species. So-called intellectuals who decry human nature and expect to see it change are in reality poorly educated.

a truly intersting post...

thank you...

"our failure to understand the imperative of the Arab honor culture"

there is little reason, no serious basis, suggesting the Free West has responsibility for the irrational, fascist, self destructive, insecure, machismo, etc., characteristic of the modern Arab Muslim Militant...

'a loss of respect' implies some respect existed prior, or some sane rationale is employed...

I always find it amusing that the left is so inflexible in it's thinking. They insist that the rest of the world thinks just as they do. Who needs to look at actions of another country? Who needs to look at facts? Their thinking runs along the lines of: If "we" are willing to sit down and negotiate, everything will be fine. They don't seem to realize that they've stuck their heads in the sand, but their tails are sticking straight up in the air waiting to be whacked by aggressively hostile nations.

Instead of insisting that America be treated with respect - they turn on other Americans and tell them to hang their heads in shame. It's annoying.

Great post. Keep up the good work.

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