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July 30, 2006


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When the leaflets were dropped the fighters left and the civilians were forced to stay. All you need to do is understand evil.

Because they're playing the same game but with different rules?

Or how about no rules?


There are only rules for Israelis and Americans - everyone else gets to do whatever they want whenever they want with impunity.

Why aren't they grilling Hezbollah on all the rockets they fire at Israeli civilians - oh that's right - the Jews don't count.

I'm getting VERY tired of our completely biased news people supporting terrorist murderers.

I was watching the exact same coverage this morning and agree with your summary except for one thing - that was no "rent-a-mob" storming the UN building.

Michael Ware is a tool but his description of the crowd was accurate - it was a cross section of Beirut society (though not a complete cross section) and appeared spontaneous - likely gathered via cell phone and text message.

In particular there were a number of young secular types, including the much heralded "protest babes" (attractive young secular women) who featured prominently in coverage of the Cedar Revolution.

Note: Ware mentioned that many of the Christians in the crowd appeared to be followers of Michael Aoun, whose party had cut a deal in support of Hizbullah. This was apparent from the pictures: many of the secular young people were wearing orange, the color of the Aounists.

According to international law, at least as it has been practiced since the Treaty of Westphalia, there were no civilians in Qana. The IDF gave ample warning for civilians to leave the town. Anyone left in the town after that are not civilians but rather "hostiles". The moral midgets accuse Israel of a war crime that was most likely due to Hez ordnance stored in the e building while remaining silent about 2600 missile attacks deliberately targetting Israeli civilians.

Its atrocious that the US allows Kofi and company to keep up an undeserved drumbeat against Israel like this. Its atrocious that the media, even the US media, allows Hezbollah to get away with what is clearly a warcrime: intentionally firing from amongst unevacuated civilian neighbourhoods; without any questions whatsoever. Spread the message with this: http://lighthorse.blogspot.com/2006/07/support-israel.html

Lebanon is never going to rid itself of Hezbollah.

The Lebanese PM said this today..

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora has thanked Hizbollah for its "sacrifices" in its war against Israel.

"We are in a strong position and I thank the Sayyed for his efforts," Siniora said when asked about a statement by Hizbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah calling on the government to take advantage of Hizbollah's steadfastness against Israeli military might.

"I also thank all those who sacrifice their lives for the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon," he added.


That's why there are no men of fighting age in the rubble and the Lebanese PM is rejoicing in it.

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