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July 28, 2006


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Here is to the USA may she be thoroughly awakened in time to the Islamic jihad that plots her death.

I refuse to apologize for my country and I refuse to apologize for my President. I love and respect both.

The cowardly appeasers do not seem to understand that THEIR HIDES are as much as risk as those of us who have some sanity and courage.

I vote with Goomp and like Gayle I will not apologize for my countries actions... War is hell; and when in war we send out our youngest and our best out to kill people and break things; like Israel, we did not ask for this; it was thrust upon us, and served up to us in plain sight by our enemies on 9/11.

Revenge is a dish best served cold; prepare to reap the whirlwind Islamo-Facists. Escalate at your own peril Islamo-Facists. The "Pay Back" will truly be a bitch.

Sissy, I check in daily to see your "Greys"... Beautiful kitties!

thank you for the interesting post...

we see similar patterns here:

1. biased MSM will portray defending oneself as aggression. (not even mentioning the Terrorists are targeting Israeli Citizens, while they condemn Israel for creating Civilian Casualties / ignoring the constant terrorism repeatedly killing the People of Israel for years, presenting some naive conception of a sudden loss of 'stability')

2. the L-Media will oddly promote the 'victim', of those who oppose the Liberals very existence. (Are they really in favor of those who believe Women should be merely property, and force the wearing of Burkhas?)

3. the Muslim Radical Millitants will use Civilians, Ambulances, etc., to hide amongst.

4. Muslim Fanaticals will proclaim any defeat, loss, etc., as a victory (Memories of 'Baghdad Bob' return)...

5. we are confronted with the reality, more Muslim Arabs - Persians believe in the Radical Militancy than anyone ever imagined: revealing a concerning extreme (even fascist) mindset deeply entrenched, even with some of the most moderate in the Region.

6. somehow, the USA will be blamed...

7. etc...

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