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July 05, 2006


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Well, the Roman Catholic Church could never be accused of being quick on the uptake. If you cast your mind back, just prior to the start of the Iraq War, the Vatican was all too eager to roll out the red carpet for one of Sadam's leading henchmen (the "token" Christian in his government?) and also to make very public with an excellent try at humiliation, a private conversation with Tony Blair... all with the intention of making the US back off of Sadam.

Up until now they've been doing their best to, not only turn the other cheek, but hand over the keys to the Christian castle, to make sure that the fascists of the world know that the Vatican backs them up against the evil US of A. (they were pro-German during WW2 also)

How is it that it has taken them so very long to figure out what has been progressively documented for years? The discrimination, violence, and even murder has been going on for a very very long time. Yet, now it's a problem.

Makes me wonder what's happening behind the scenes that we haven't heard about. Sounds like they're finally scared. Better late than never I suppose. Still it would be interesting to know what has brought about this sea-change in direction.

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