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July 07, 2006


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The dream world of the elites, communism and socialism with a special place for them to lecture us peons on how to live has failed. This failure is unacceptable and leaves them ranting against free enterprise and free choice. They are doomed to live either in a free democratic society or under the rule of Islamic tyrants. I believe that they think the tyrants will have a place for them to rule over the destoyed democracies. Anything seems better to them than the triumph of freedom.

Would you include plutocratic globalizers in this multicultural elite? I would. Strange bedfellows perhaps, but while the brie-&-Volvo left moons for the brotherhood of humanity, the high capitalists moon for the brotherhood of consumers.
Stalin did make one useful contribution here in coining the phrase "rootless cosmopolitans". It's worth bringing back, if we first scrape off its original anti-semitic intentions. Certainly, it paints the picture better than the pale lable "multicultural elite".

Igout - I think I prefer the term "metrosexual elite". It has that properly wimpy flair which seems to encompass the movement.

I just heard an interview with Melanie Phillips who has written a book called Londonistan. It seems the problem is even worse over in London than it is here. It's remarkably scary how the left simply thinks if it ignores terrorism - specifically Islamic terrorism - it will go away.


I think they think they can in effect declare themselves open cities and the islamic hordes will just pass them by.

True. Metrosexual elites isn't bad, but it just doesn't capture their profound lack of atttachment to what far better men and women have died for all as well as 'rootless cosmopolitans'.

Excellent analogy. The academic Left seems to regard almost any type of America hater prima facia as Germany's recruiting centers viewed 10 year old boys in the last days of WWII, i.e. so desperate for support of their mouldering cause that they have lowered their standards of admission to the point of removing them altogether and admitting unquestioningly persons they might have avoided in their earlier and saner years.

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