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July 19, 2006


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For the first time, Israel has acted in accordance with what used to be President Bush's theory: that a government that contains, supports or harbors terrorists is responsible for their actions.

I think the first hint of this -- I say this with 20-20 hindsight (20-40 maybe) -- is the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and the subsequent Palestinian elections. It gave Palestine the status of "country". Hezbollah provided Israel with justification for the move into southern Lebanon and what we might hope is the beginning of the end for Hezbollah. They've stepped up the fighting in Gaza too. Can we hope it means the beginning of the end for Hamas as well?

While hope is not a strategy, it springs eternal in the human heart, Tom. :)

"Nations never concede; they fight. You won't get anything by peaceful means or compromise."

Well, we all know it's so much easier for failing states to turn the wrath of their people on to some other entity in order to keep the attention away from leadership that is not working - not to mention tremendous inequalities in the lives of its citizens.

The Arab states have spent all these years - all this effort - ruined all those lives - to try and stomp out Israel. What do they have to show as of today? Nothing. Israel is (even in war) a thriving country, a country working to progress. The rest of the countries just exist. They have so focused on ridding themselves of the Jewish people, they haven't made much of any effort to make their own countries better.

What a waste.

Sissy, your post and the comments are wonderfully informative and right on the mark. The photography is beautiful.

You and Jed Babbin have it absolutly right. Talk is boring and puts people to sleep, but in the long run it isn't cheap. The United Nations is an even more expensive failure than was the League of Nations. The US should lead in abolishing the UN.

Yes, Sissy, it's true that hope is not a strategy. But the point, that I'm not doing such a good job making, is that it's my hope that the strategy we see unfolding is one in which responsibility for terrorists are pinned to the nation states that support or even acquiesce to their attacks. The withdrawal from Gaza and subsequent elections had the result of elevating Hamas from a non-government terrorist loose cannon to an official arm of the government. That change invites a different response by Israel to terrorist attack. Where previously they fended them off, now the Israelis say they plan to fight to the finish. Did Israel plan it that way when they marched out of Gaza? Maybe so, but that wasn't so clear before Hezbollah got into the act. Whether their military action is against Hamas or Hezbollah, Israel is fighting Iran and Syria.

In any case we seem to be at another of those pivotal moments, just as we were in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. Once again we're presented with the question of whether we intend to actually do something about Middle East terror that's going global, or go back to the pretenses of cease fire, as the U.N. and the Europeans urge.

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