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July 09, 2006


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I think when lefties say "our troops" it's sort of like borrowing a baseball glove. I might say, "I was just able to snare the flyball in the web of my glove," even though I borrowed the glove so I could play right field. It's mine for the moment.

Our troops are the equivalent of a baseball glove the lefties borrow to play left field politics. "Our troops" -- wonderful people who are victims of the evil George Bush -- until they win the war in Iraq, and then the game will be over and they'll be war criminals.

I always found this argument intriguing. Who is thinking more of the troops. Those that want to send them into combat or those that do not? The pro-war fraternity seemed almost overly keen to put their soldiers in harms way. As someone against the Iraq War, my stand was because i did not want anyone killed, be they American, Iraq or any other nationality. Does it not make you feel emotional when you hear of yet more deaths knowing that you were so keen to send them into harms way?

The left always wants to label. When it's in their interest, they are referred to as "our troops". When they are on a hate jag, they are referred to as "the military". For that matter, I saw some moonbat a while back, try to say that there was a distinction. Sheesh!

It's even worse when they call them "children". There is nothing more insulting because it says that our men and women are incapable of making informed adult decisions. That they are incapable of taking care of themselves. They need mommy and daddy to watch out for them. What a slap in the face to people who face danger on a daily basis. "Our troops" are better able to take care of themselves than most of the rest of the world.

I see Lucyp posted while I was writing my first response.

"The pro-war fraternity seemed almost overly keen to put their soldiers in harms way."

Ah yes, we are sooo eager to send our troops out to be killed. That's all we have in mind. It couldn't possibly be because we prefer to take the fight - that was pushed on us - to the people who want us dead... no couldn't possibly be that.

How bout this Lucy... I'm pro DEFENSE - I want a safe country to live in. I want these murderous cretins dead. I don't want them alive to try and kill more people at all. That's why we have a military - to defend ourselves. That we defend our self interest - in other words our lives and lifestyle may seem to be silly to you - but I think these are things worth defending.

Oh yeah, my son is in the Army - he's already been to Afghanistan for a year and it's very likely he'll be headed to Iraq next year. I think this gives me some "moral standing" in the matter - isn't that what they say about Cindy Sheehan?

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