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July 17, 2006


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Succesful results. Something lacking in the methods of the secular West. Time for the Western World to wake up to the mortal dangers to themseles from those inspired by Islam to destroy the infidels.

We are watching Israel, hoping they will simply wipe out their enemies, summarily ending the Islamicists' dreams of eventually cowing the Western world. Israeli soldiers are traditionally among the best in the world; they are faithful, well-trained, and know exactly why they are fighting. It is for nothing less than the survival of their people.

When we recognize that we are fighting for nothing less than our survival, then we will support Israel wholeheartedly and with all our powers.

The open alliance of Syria and, at a very slight remove, Iran with Hezbollah is transforming terrorist-style asymmetric warfare into a good old contest between nation-states. The Israelis are braced for it; indeed, they're already conducting it as it must be conducted. If they don't contrive somehow to rein Hezbollah in within two or three days, Iran and Syria will soon be at war with Israel with more than words. They will discover that the Israelis don't pull their punches. They will discover, furthermore, that the United States really will back Israel all the way to victory, no matter who's on the other side.

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