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July 09, 2006


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It is frightening that Academia has run amuck in so many cases. Appointing to professorships and giving tenure to the likes of Ward Churchill and Deborah Frisch. Overpaid second rate people are in command of faculty appointments in much of Academia. This is what happens when power is corrupted and those appointed Trustees are filled with hubris and take money without exercising responsiblity.

That long march through America's institutions and universities is a march leading to insanity for Leftists.

I can only assume that this horrible woman is crazy with Bush Derrangement Syndrome ten-fold.That she taught at the University of Arizona doesn't surprise me at all. There are hundreds more just like her.

What really troubled me is this woman was on a panel attended by the FBI to discuss the behavior patterns of terrorists. Didn't the FBI check out her credentials beforehand? I understand from reading various blogs about this sordid affair the woman has a track record of cyber stalking conservative blogs leaving comments that are just outrageous.

That she was on a panel giving the FBI advice about terrorist behavior is ..well..terrifying, considering her own unhinged mental state.

Sharapova is a great competitor and a delight to watch. She's strong, never gives up, plays so fiercely. Apparently she grew two inches in the past year or so, so she's having to adjust to that. Her semifinal against Mauresmo was a terrific game. She'll be back winning Grand Slams again pretty soon.

On Sharipova - she lost this year, that doesn't mean she won't have a shot in the coming years. If this was her last hurrah - so to speak - I could see being downcast. Considering it's the Wimbledon final... and she's one of 2 to make it there - I don't know that there's much to be in angst about.

On Frisch. I've read through her comments. Just the style of the writing (we won't even start with the abhorrent content) is incredibly appalling. The fact that this woman supposedly imparts knowledge to college students when she can barely create a rational sentence in online comments, is incredible. I know - her blog entries are marginally better - but only marginally. Just the style of her writing should have made the University consider others before hiring her. If she's the best they could do - the University system is in worse shape than I thought.

BTW - isn't it University of Arizona? I could have sworn Froggy (at blackfive) posted U of AZ yesterday in his post and in Jeff's comments.

"What moonbat equivalents of Muslim virgins or white raisins await her on the other side?"


Ms. Willis, that was so fun...

The left seems deeply troubled, perhaps insane.

Is it being spoiled growing up in a FREE, Wonderful, Prosperous, Decent Country called the USA?

Eek. Arizona it is, Teresa. Correction made.


Of course the Left's been spoiled. Their grandparents made the mistake of spoiling their parents (the Greatest Generation's one big error), and now their parents spoiled them. So when millions of kids of Woodstock attendees grow up and find that the world is a lot tougher outside their home, they can't hack it; instead of adapting to a harder world, they demand that the world adapt to softer people.

'instead of adapting to a harder world, they demand that the world adapt to softer people.'

very well stated Mr. Andreyakovich...

it is sadly true...

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