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July 26, 2006


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If you were completely blind Sissy, you would still see better than Kofi Annan.

This is a great idea. The problem is that they never enforce their resolutions. So if they do pass one to disband themselves it will never happen.

Withdrawal of the US from the UN is my choice. An even more stupid denial of what a governing body is all about than its predecessor, The League of Nations.

Only a few months left of Annan? Who's up next? Can we get Bolton appointed? Although I'm sure the rest of the world will implode if that happens (wg).

Complete US withdrawl from the UN is the best choice.

Hezbollah uses UN peacekeepers as human shields by having one of their headquarters right next to a UN observation post and they know they will not be held accountable and we have proof this is so by Annan's blaming Israel for killing UN observers before there is even an investigation on the matter.

Daytime television is enough to make anyone's BP soar to the stratosphere... doesn't matter what show it is - they are all hideous. I should teach you some of the beginning tai chi stuff - that would help you immensely when you want to strangle one of the morons on television. *grin*

"high BP readings"?

please take good care...

Kofi is useless, as well as the UN...

very sad...

In the midst of all this insanity, I had an appointment with my primary care physician, on Wednesday. She is an absolutely marvelous Orthodox Jewish mother of 6 who can yell at me more effectively in less time than anyone I know. To my pleasant surprise, the old B.P. was 130/84! Can you imagine how great my B.P. would be if we could get rid of the U.N. from our shores, tell Donald Trump he can buy the building for $1 if he (a) gets a decent haircut and (b) remodels it into tax revenue producing office or apartment building. NYC would have such a huge drop in unpaid traffic and parking fines that it wouldn't know what to do with itself. The streets would be safer for CITIZENS of New York, and we'd have moved a source of irritation and sedition off our shores to some third-world sinkhole where these despicable slugs belong.

If this isn't a WIN-WIN, I don't know what is!

I am right behind you on the withdrawal! Hey, I'm in Randolph for another week - e-mail me!

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