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July 16, 2006


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I think FAA's comments about "the street" relate more to the street on which he lives right now in Beirut, not the proverbial "Arab street" to which the MSM is so attached.

I know FAA, and I know that he is not an "international progressivist." He is expressing the feelings that he and those around him have at this moment. We may not agree with them, and he may feel differently in the weeks and months to come. But I believe the words he writes are what he sees and feels right now in the midst of it all.

That being said, thanks for the link to his site and the commentary. I thought the "ingenious solution" was pretty cool too. Let's hope that there are some creative people at higher levels in Lebanon and Israel who can come up with some more ingenious solutions.

Proud to display support for the wonderful People of Israel...

We have been watching this nonsense "disproportionate" conception for years now, after 9-11...

Certainly, these biased critics have used different names, terms, etc...

Some, even labeled many amazing Americans as 'Chickenhawks'...

You have shown us a picture from an Arab street. I suspect the solution to power madness is the removal of nut-cake leaders such as Nasrallah and those in N. Korea, Iran, and others throughout the world.

How does one proportionately respond to a river after a barracuda bite?

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