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June 20, 2006


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Soft and flabby and without moral conviction. Melanie Phillips's "Londonistan" shows us the society that thinks all things are relative and that freedom means there is no longer a need for moral standards and a disciplined life style. Such a society cannot survive under the assault from a society of inspired believers who are sure God is on their side.

The analogy works for me. I've been scared for years now over the "anti-bacterial" craze and the lengths that people seem to be going to to keep themselves "clean".

Now we - the conservative types seem to be the bacteria in the liberal world. Unfortunately for them they are finding us to be intractable. *grin*

America is in trouble.

What's the answer?

Cats to hunt the DemocRATS.

It is truly an insightful conception and really well composed...

The equation of being pampered, compared to the liberal denial seems quite appropriate.

Is the problem of spoiled idealism, failing to relate to reality, adding to the problems?

Why do they ignore the vivid reality, socialist systems are more oppressive, provide a lower quality of life, offer less opportunity, build dependency?

It must be more, than the addiction to special interest groups, seeking a share of some entitlement pie...

I feel you could expand the untested, unchallenged, theory to the DNC's inability to promote sound Representation as well. All too often they champion people like the Clintons, who have serious flaws, and end up being detrimental to the Democrat credibility once in Office. McKinney is a fine example. Or even, running Kerry, Dukakis, Mondale, being too untested, unchallenged, revealing a weak Candidate on the National Stage.

One of the biggest problems for the Democrats, I feel, remains being 'out of touch', due to this 'pampered isolation'. Elite, untested, etc., so many in the MSM - DNC often foolishly assume they have the populist sentiment. The bashing of this President seems to support this folly. The liberal Democrats remain isolated or unchallenged in certain circles, and foolishly believe 'Wellstone Memorial' expression is the overwhelming fashionable conception of the populace. Only to be stunned later, to be confronted with the conflicting reality to their misguided fantasy.

Chiraq seems to have made a similar mistake in regards to Iraq. Believing anti-Bush-anti-American mentality was a norm outside of France, he felt empowered to challenge the effort to remove a monster named Saddam. He could not have been more mistaken.

I hope they run Hillary. It would be good for our Nation, to confront the Liberal Denial, with another huge loss for what Democrats believe is an attractive candidate.

Love the analogy. Without question lefty politicians get a pass from MSM, but I think it's more than a pass. MSM consider themselves, with some justification, kingmakers. I'm talking natural selection here!

The politicos that most accurately repeat the MSM approved line for public consumption get sparkling coverage, so much so that the public ceases to enter into a candidate's thinking. All that matters is what will get that positive press coverage.

And in terms of that coverage, the ones that don't play along get tossed under a bus, which is generally OK if they happen to be running in districts where folks don't rely on bus service.

But there is a winnowing out, and look what's left. Generally, it's the left.

I suppose the obvious (to me) explanation, that the sewer rats who *don't* have healthy immune systems are already dead and thus not available to study, has been explained away by these scientists?

That leaves the left soft and lazy and the right battle ready.

I think it is true that the left is less able to form and defend arguments on their merit, however they do have another weapon in the debate arsenal that we (generally) lack - venom.

This was illustrated recently by the incident with Ann Coulter and the Joisey Girls - Coulter succeeded in striking past the previously impenetrable armor of contrived victimhood with her cutting remarks, remarks that were met with ambivalence to scorn by the allegedly fire hardened members of the right (the ones I saw anyway).

In this case it wasn't pure reason that succeeded - that had been tried to death - it was venom. The very cutting statement that Ann believed the 'Girls "were enjoying their husbands' deaths".

Some call that a low point or a failure, and they're free to do so, but I have to say it was nice to finally - finally - see a shot find its mark on these normally untouchable opportunists rather than being squelched once more by the moral syrup of Dowd and her ditzy ilk.

And the message did get through, loud and clear - if it had been dismissed as merely hurtful and senseless, it would have received the opprobrium that we have seen leveled upon those who make racist remarks and so forth.

But Coulter's still holding her head high, she's been on Leno etc - when she said that, people listened. And that's something the rest of the right can take notes from.

Survival of the fittest means the ones who survive to reproduce are by definition the fittest.

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