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June 23, 2006


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Here's to a successful operation and lovely much clearer vision when it's done. Celebrate the fact that you can have this done relatively quickly here in America.

I know a woman who lives in England. She was on a 9 month waiting list to get hers done. Because she held some "important job" she was bumped up to 6 months. (while she celebrated her good fortune, I wondered about the poor soul who had been waiting for 9 months or longer and got bumped to make way for her...)

Sometimes surgery is the better alternative. Especially since we don't want you going blind. :-)

My father had the operation 5 years ago and he was thrilled with the results.

He was able to read the newspaper and books without any glasses and he says his vision is better now (he's 80) than it was 20 years ago.

You will be happy with the results.

My experience was similar to Tara's father. Had one eye done about ten years ago and the other 5 years ago. As my ophthalmologist said last year when I went to him to have scar tissue from the most recent implant removed electronically, "You are reading like a 14 year old." I am 86.

My Mom had it done in her 80s and was very pleased with the results, I know you will be too. :)

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