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June 12, 2006


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Yeah, I can't wait for Kos to be quoted regularly in the pages of the NY Times.

Markos couldn't contain his joy over the deaths of 4 of his fellow citizens in Fallujah.They were contractors whose bodies were burned and hung from a bridge by the Islamo-Fascist savages and he said he felt nothing for them because they were there to wage war for profit. "Screw them." he said.

Yeah, I want Kos to be featured in the MSM on a daily basis.

Let the American people see what real insanity has infected the Democrat Party up close and personal.


The scary part is that all they need is a charismatic leader (like Bill Clinton) and a majority of people seem to turn off their brains and go with the "feeling".

When you have a leader with enough of that "certain something" you don't need a message - people seem to fall for it in droves. Lucky for us - the Dems don't have a leader like that at the moment.

your logic is a bit off base. a lot of conservatives think this is a bad presidency. perhaps it is worth finding out the reasons why.

kos is a democratic site, so there are liberals there, plain old democrats, and moderates. the popularity of commenting that you draw an outrageous analogy on is no different than anywhere else. it is a very popular site, to it is far more extensive, so it is easy to find examples of anything you want.

your analogy in effect applies to everybody and everything, even your site, and your posts. you don't see this, I suggest, because rather than just consider where you might agree with some policy views of someone on Kos, where you might disagree, and why, it seems that there is more emphasis on finding ways to attack it.

why the blind loyalty to an adminstration that has vastly increased governmental power, vastly increased govermental secrecy, (harry truman "secrecy, and democracy don't mix), spent recklessly (do you know the actual defitic numbers? go to the CBO,then compare to our actual growsth the past few years, and our total defense spending as a % opf GNP in comparasion with past decades), read the Constituiont differently than most leading REPUBLICAN scholars (let alone democrats), which is a nice way of saying it (consider the facts here), etc?

Carter - the issue here is not if the Republicans like Bush, it's that the liberals HATE him. To the point of wanting to do anything just to make him look bad. Even if it means wreaking havoc on our economy, putting our military in grave danger, or even putting our fellow citizens in danger.

And before you say it, I don't agree with everything the President does or says. There are some things on which I vehemently disagree. None of them were mentioned in your liberal talking points.

No, the point here is that the Kos crowd has an unending litany of bad things to say about our country - continuous, unrelenting criticisms. With the only assumption being - everything will be fine if we can get Bush out of office.

But there is NEVER ever any suggestion on how to make things better, other than getting rid of Mr. Bush. No plan, no ideas. And never ever one word of good. (how depressed these people must be to live in this great country and not see one single good thing about it!)

Without a clear idea of where they want to go as a party, liberals will never get anywhere. They seem to have all kinds of ideas of what they don't want - but not a single idea of what they do want and how to achieve it. How can you get somewhere if you don't know where you want to go?

off-topic, but, re earthworms, just wanted to say that great minds think alike.

Good dog. :)

The Kos crowd is disoriented like many of those who think they are liberal. A world where responsibility for doing one's part to keep the USA the freest and most honorable country in the world is not part of their world. Complaining that life is not a perpetual round of pleasure without resposibility is their bag.

You nailed the Kos crowd Sissy.

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