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June 06, 2006


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While you haven't been over there, you have listened to those who have and show a grasp of what war is that escapes a large portion of the Boomer generation and their offspring. Since the end of World War II life in the USA for these people has been without recognizable threat from war and from dedicated enemies. They have not studied history and have an abysmal ignorance of how war pursued by those dedicated to our destruction must be conducted. Their survival depends on their gaining some idea of what they face from the desendants of those who were humiliated by the Crusades.

"This was their third tour in Iraq in three years, but they were not quite sure what to expect."

And they know this how? Did they talk to all the Marines in that company? OR did they once again make up what they "think" the Marines "must have felt"? Who can tell? They make up so many things, they might as well be writing fiction.

"It is important to equip journalists with the specialized knowledge needed to comprehend complex subjects,"

Hey, I have an idea - quit calling "journalism" a major in college - make them take a degree in another discipline, make them learn about something other than how to throw together a "story" in 30 seconds or less. Then again just think how many people would stop trying to be journalists because actually learning about things would be too hard for them.

Wonderful post Sissy.

really appreciated this post...

thank you...

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