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June 07, 2006


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You have shown what the threat is. Now to get the mainly secular or faintly religious to understand and acknowledge that in the civilized 21st century people are ritually murdered in the name of God or Satan.*

How about the news that the world's most notorious ritual beheader has found paradise? I happened by a TV in time to hear a General Edwards, I think, on Fox say that information on Zarqawi's whereabouts came from some of his own people. It gives great credibility to Strategy Page who predicted yesterday that Zarwawi would suffer a mishap. According to them, al Qaeda considered Zarqawi a loose cannon and had just about enough of him.

Thanks for keeping this in circulation. I think it's important that we try to understand (better to defeat) our enemy by finding the minimal core of common humanity that we share with him, and not simply write him off as the evil that he also is. Only then can we hope not only to defeat the Jihadists but figure out how to help Muslims constitute a new political order that will not threaten our freedoms.

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