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June 01, 2006


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All I'm going to say about this is...

Murtha makes me sick to my stomach. What a low-down slimy weasel he is to betray our Marines that way. Over at Blackfive - many Marines are calling him an ex-Marine (no greater insult can ever be handed to any Marine).

I'll venture to make a prediction - if we stay the course in Iraq, it will be because we've fitted our soldiers and marines with video cameras a la police dashboard-cams, whose footage will be used in very public trials by Iraqi prosecutors using laws targeting human shield behavior (kind of like a more practical hate crime legislation), and the results of which will be aggressively pushed by US politicians including the prez - the end goal being to shame those who use this tactic.

Nothing will defeat this sort of behavior other than visibility and shame - until locals are made to understand that this is despicable behavior on the part of the terrorists, they will continue believing the cheap terrorist hype that the US is an imperialist invader - that picture squares so much more easily with their own experiences after all.

But everyone no matter how scared, suicidal or insane has the capacity to feel shame and recognize cowardice, and if we work hard enough to get the spotlight where it needs to be, we can expect to get a lot more tips, and make it much more likely that the average (middle eastern) newsreader will roll their eyes even as they blanch at the latest terrorist antics.

Murtha is a disgrace and it's no surprise the MSM media trot him out on all their news programs to betray out troops.

How this man lives with himself I don't even want to know.But to do what he did for political gain is simply vile.The investigation about the Haditha incident is still on-going and this awful man already has our troops convicted of "cold-blooded" murder.

He is a craven snake.

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