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June 30, 2006


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LOL - Tuck gets the extra accolades for being a non-blogger yet coming to the meets and sitting through all the blog talk. *grin*

Hey Sissy, where's the Stetson hat pics? Your husband is a sweetie. We should definitely all wear big hats to the next (tribal) gathering. Thank you for the wildflower guide.

Sounds like a very lovely gathering.

Jeff Jacoby is a great writer and I read him regularly.

Who was wearing the Stetson ? Was it Tuck ?

Tara - poor Tuck's hat was passed around to just about everyone at our end of the table. However, I must say that the rest of us do not wear it with nearly as much panache as Tuck does. *grin*

Not a Stetson though... (I'm not up on my hat names) It looks like a straw Fedora.

Here in Maine, downwind from Boston or "Down East" as we call it, I read Jeff frequently when his column is posted by JWR. Glad you could have such a fine fellow attend your get together.

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