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June 02, 2006


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I'm surprised it has taken the media this long to escalate their attack against our military. Their ultimate goal is to once again have hostile groups of people lining up to spit on our brave men and women as they walk through the airport after their deployments. They cling like leaches to the Vietnam syndrome.

Since the majority of the country has been behind the military, they've been very careful to start out with the low-key slanders. The small jibes. Then exploiting to the hilt any hint of wrong action. And never once putting forth any news that shows our soldiers in a good light.

When is the last time you saw a headline in the NYT about a hero? When is the last time you saw a headline about the US Military winning a battle? It's a slow effective drip, drip, drip of acid that they are using to turn the minds and hearts of ordinary citizens.

Good or bad - I no longer believe one word that comes out of the MSM about the war. They are completely on the side of the enemy in this war and they want us to lose because they hate America and all it stands for. Doubt that? Look at the sympathetic picture given to us of the enemy. The people who are trying to kill us, the very people who planned the Sept 11 attacks. They are martyrs we are murderers. Yeah right...

Disgusting doesn't begin to cover it.

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