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June 17, 2006


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Sissy, my oldest daughter graduated from Robinson High School in Fairfax, VA. Back then there were about seven valedictorians and I thought that was much.

Many of them took fluff sort of courses. My daughter was not among them because she only spent her senior year there and they gave us trouble transferring her credits from the Catholic High School from which she transferred.

But she loved it at Robinson because of the drama department. She learned a lot but thankfully we were able to talk her out of majoring in drama. There are some wonderful teachers at that school but it sounds to me like they now care a little too much.

It gets worse.

The British police have gone crazy.


The police are considering a proposal to let selected British Muslims examine the intelligence used to mount anti-terrorism raids before they take place, the Guardian has learned.

I just read about this at Sister Toldjah right after reading your post.

It feels like the world has lost its mind.


I've got to say, at one time I had wanted to visit England...not anymore. My problem is, if someone attacks me, I'm going to defend myself. Period. I'd end up in jail over there. And they have the audacity in Europe to say it's dangerous in the US... HA! Well, at least we have a fighting chance against the criminals over here. Pretty soon the criminals will have complete control over there.

On the valedictorian issue, I blogged last year on a Seattle school that had 44 valedictorians... how stupid. Unfortunately Munu is down right now, but when it's back, the post should be here:


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