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June 16, 2006


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Sounds like a most enchanting evening from the top of the entrance to the Hub.

These photos make me homesick for Bean Town! Although I don't think I would last long in Boston traffic after leisurely Upstate New York...

Pat: You're right. Boston drivers take no prisoners. I used to be one, myself and considered commuting in to Kenmore Square from Chelsea as my sport :)

Ummm.... commenting at you from Chicago - gotta say they have Boston totally beat here for traffic in and about a 50 mile radius of the city, further in some directions.

Today I was lucky - at the time I landed, the highway side I was on, actually was moving. (Yay! I am happy when I get on the good side of traffic *grin*) Oncoming traffic... no so much. They were doing the 5mph shuffle for miles and miles.

Of course my problem is that the roads are so straight and flat here - I nearly forgot how to drive that way.

BTW - cute tootsies. *grin*

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