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June 27, 2006


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I am afaid the "oil free" adherents are the "brain free" generation. That is too cruel a description but really they are so ignorant of reality.

The "oil free" followers have sold their cars, right?

"Gas prices are off the charts..."

ROFL! Have they been to England lately? I was just talking with a man from England who is over here in the states for the week on business. He was laughing at all the people up in arms over $3.00/gal gasoline. They sell by the liter over there, but it comes out to about $10/gal.

These people can bite me, they are complete lunatics. I am so stopping to buy gas tomorrow - even though my tank isn't low - I really must!

I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I think the reasons behind our rising gas prices are complex and inter-related, like a web that is impossible to unravel a strand at a time.

i really enjoy the expression of Ms. Willis...


'oil on troubled waters' !

Oil is a tool, a fine resource, as useful as copper, salt, steel, coal, grain, wood, etc...

Amazing to see so many vilify this product, while they benefit from it's use...

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