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June 29, 2006


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A great description of our academic liberals, perpetual adolescent teen agers

I can't remember where I read it but there is an article that reports on a study done by Discovery Network which demonstrates that certain segments of society are in the throes of permanent immaturity.

If I recall the article correctly, academics and intellectuals were specifically cited as part of the groups wallowing in arrested development.

There was a correlation between continual higher education and immaturity..go figure that it would catch them like pigs who mess where they eat, so to speak...

"Arrested development" is right. Discovery News had the story I call "The Immaturity of Unfinished Minds." http://www.estatevaults.com/bol/archives/002820.html

"People such as academics, teachers, scientists and many other professionals are often strikingly immature outside of their strictly specialist competence in the sense of being unpredictable, unbalanced in priorities, and tending to overreact.”

Jille I've been seeing links to that story all over the place - it has apparently made a huge impact. I haven't read it yet - so I'll have to go check it out.

I find it amusing that they have certain things they will completely melt down over that are in their own self interest (in other words - protecting their country and way of life is a bad thing). Yet, the most dangerous things in the world seem to cause them no anxiety at all and are considered to be self expression of a set of people (terrorists are the best example).

It's almost as if they have a wish to self-destruct. Unfortunately, if they do that, the rest of us get to go along for the ride.

I like the bit about oikophobia. Can anybody get Charles Johnson to pick that word up? You could even play folk etymology and tie it in with lefty class prejudice via the UK slang "oik".


"A political culture that is in denial about a serious social problem will condemn those who seek to discuss it and try its best to silence them,"

...he says.

The trouble with that, is that you can point it at anything. Consider Chomsky, or Ward Churchill, or the 9/11 conspiracy lunatics, or the Holocaust deniers. All of 'em think that rational society's lack of fascination with their ravings, and its occasional polite encouragement to STFU, prove that we're all in denial about something.

Excellent essay. I took the liberty of posting Scruton's speech in its entirety on my own blog http://lighthorse.blogspot.com/

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