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May 29, 2006


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As one who works in the MSM, I can tell you that the people who follow the news through the MSM are the ones who love BDS. The MSM will publish what sells. And only what sells. And negativity sells out to the crybabies who still mourn the loss of the last election. Liberals control the MSM.

That's why so many stalwart supporters of the American Way and its defense are avoiding the MSM. Many have told me they "hate the paper" and refuse to support it with their hard-earned cash.

This is also why pay TV, Radio, Satellite, etc are building up a huge base. Why watch, or listen to, or read garbage just because it's free?

We don't usually expose ourselves to anything toxic just because it's free.

Liberals control the MSM. Avoid their toxicity. Read blogs, personal publications and private press. Subscribe to the channels and radio of your choice. Vote with your feet: boycott the rest. And get your opinion out there, too. It's pretty hard to ignore large numbers of opposing opinion.

Ben Stein is a great man.

As for Murtha, many Marines have declared him to be an ex-Marine. I would very much hate to be in his shoes. I hope whatever "power" he obtains in Washington will keep him company because there are few if any Marines who will even acknowledge his presence in the room any more.

"Your loved ones' lives had what we all want: meaning" is a most fitting tribute to those who have defended our freedom. Unfortunately every service person does not rise to the occasion. John Murtha and John Kerry come to mind.

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