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May 31, 2006


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Another discovery in an unexpected place.

Hmmm... where did I see it and why do I use brain cells to remember this junk? I saw something about him living in Cambridge while filming. Didn't pay much attention because I'm not much into movie stars and their doings - like I said can't imagine why I even remember this. *grin*

Hmmm - 2 comments in a row, I begin to look like a troll. *grin*

Ben has all my sympathy with the migraine thing. I've gone to the emergency room for that reason myself. Hope he's feeling better quick.

As for the "end of his career" I doubt it - Hollywood loves to hype that sort of thing and then exclaim in surprise over "the great comeback". It's ridiculous but I guess they can't help themselves.

Hollywood is not my area (indeed I have wanted to see it turned into better use, such as a holding place for illegals). Still your post stirred thoughts again-- why so MUCH?? --expense, people, plain WASTE for a final product what will undoubtedly be less than garbage? America, is this all we are?

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