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May 03, 2006


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Clearly Tiny is more of a "man" than those who attacked your site! Also better looking.

It is evident there are many who fear open-sourced information that can be delivered in a matter of minutes at the flick of turning a computer on.

They are afraid of the naked truth, aren't they ?

Write on, Sissy. The Internet really is power to the people!

Well, someone doesn't like blogs. And I have a feeling that someone is NOT in Saudi Arabia. It's just a little too easy to set up an attack like this from anywhere in the world.

I can think of several different scenarios off the top of my head that involve no one from the Middle East at all. If the attackers were from the ME - sending out a message via al Jezeera should have been SOP - because terrorist types LOVE to publicly proclaim their exploits.

So, while it's a vast annoyance, until they actually find the culprit, we have no idea who did it or even why. The answers to those questions may be vastly different than you would think.

Just now came across this tidbit of news.... My condolences to your site and your website provider!

If you need it, I can make a call home and have Satchel, Newton, and Lucy Lucille help Tiny keep watch over you and yours... Sophie the Dog would try, but I think she's too easily distracted.

Apparently typepad trackbacks don't like me ;-) So Ping!


Our blogs were knocked out too, but came back the same time yours did.

Aaron's CC, however is down - apparently they hid some eggs in his php script and when he brought it back up, they hacked in again.

some Jihadi type going by the name of 20 took over the site for a couple of days - now it is just showing errors. So maybe Aaron or Hosting Matters is getting a handle on everything.

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