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May 14, 2006


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Oh Sissy, this is awful. I feel for you. When we lived in Germany everytime it rained it would flood in the laundry room in our basement. The Germans refuse to allow the military post to cut down any trees and the roots of one tree was causing the flooding. We just had to live with it, maddening as it was.

I have some wonderful photos of my kids 'swimming' in our flooded basement from years ago when we lived in Pennsylvania.

Actually, it looked a lot like the picture you have on this post.

It was an unholy mess - but the kids had a blast with it.

I feel your pain :(

We had similar problems in a house we lived in Birmingham,Alabama.

A french drain and hiring a waterproofing company finally did the trick.It was expensive but it had to be done in order to sell the house.

Every time we had a hard rain..the entire garage would flood and sometimes enter into the basement we had converted into a living area.We did have an installed sump pump but it would get overwhelmed with the deluge..hence the french drain before finally giving in and hiring the water-proofing people.I wish we had done that at the very first sign of trouble to save us a lot of mess.

So I am in sympathy and hope you can get relief soon.I just heard on Fox News that it's still raining.

Tuck is a resourceful man. Good for him! {{{HUGS}}} for you both. Clean up is a b*&^%

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