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May 22, 2006


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It's always a gamble to mess with Mother Nature. Especially since the only way to study the effects of this, over the long term, is to "declare it safe" and then wait to see what happens as millions of young women use it.

As for parenting - if I was going to have kids today, I'd certainly have second thoughts. It seems like you have to be "parent perfect" these days. Any deviation from the pc police norm will get you into trouble for child abuse. I cringe when I think about it.

The side effects of no periods can be very personal, indeed. 'Passages' can dry up, the layers of tissue become very thin... creating more problems.
Not good.

Life is not all dessert. And then either before or after one has to pay the check.

Great job handling a delicate subject. I love the funny television show, "Scrubs" and the silly but believable way the two female leads distract the males when they want to tell each other confidences. They start talking about shoes and the guys zone out. When they want the guys' attention again they say something like "lace bras."

Oh I'm just SO glad I'm fifty!

With nearly an entire adulthood of dysmenorrhea, cysts, endometriosis and fibroid tumors, I am thrilled to A) be finished with the whole mess and B) see that my daughters will not need to go through it all much longer.

At this point in life, I still have my uterus and one ovary, but it's been a battle all the way.

Anything we can do to get it under our own control is welcome, says I.

My late aunt (no pun intended, considering the subject) was an OR nurse in the WAVES during WWII. She was stationed for a while on some Godforsaken tropical island in the Pacific. I think she told me that, since it was the tropics, they couldn't use tampons for fear of disease. It's one of the handful of conversations I had with her which I recall.

Remember when Newt Gingrich got in trouble for his statement that female soldiers can't take being in trenches? Well, it's true.

Everyone of the female soldiers who deployed to Somalia had to be sent home because it was so filty there that the bacteria did horrible things to their reproductive organs.

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