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May 01, 2006


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"Chick bloggers," I believe the Baron said at one point, doing his best to be as un PC as possible.

Actually, he usually says things like "babe lawyer," "babe cop," etc. He finds obnoxiousity quite delicious, and it's one of his few vices...except for chocolate.

He likes feisty women. That's why he likes to check in on Florida Cracker -- just so he doesn't miss anything outrageous...I like her also, since I was born and bred a FL cracker. Actually, just born that way. My Dublin mother scrubbed off my more cracker- like tendencies, though she did take to Southern food instantly.

Do you know of any other husband/wife bloggers? I mean where they share a blogging space? He has his separate room elsewhere, and I have another blog, but we both enjoy Gates of Vienna the most.

I mean, what else are you going to do when the Boy goes off to college. Mission accomplished and we needed another project. It has been great fun so far...though the learning curve was hard to manage sometimes. You know, the things one is not supposed to do...

Oh, I just thought of something I've been meaning to ask you: do you think it's possible to teach photography on line? (this question may show the depth of my ignorance).

Well, what with the technology today, I think photography can come down to the good eye. If you have one, you can learn a few technical things, and then you can soar. Lots of folks can be technically accomplished, but the best photographers know a good thing when they see it. Just my opinion.

It's praise well deserved Sissy and as you know you're among my favorites as well.

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