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May 03, 2006


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Curious that you wrote this right now, Sisu, since there's plenty o'news today about honor killings and forced marriages and child brides (you can peek at chez blog moi). Very depressing that these practices are SPREADING, they're not being stamped out.

And my, what clever birds! I wish my husband would entice me into a love nest with feather and shells. Must leave some hints around the house....

Well despite all the talk and the PC hype anyone should be able to see that men are different from women. Why this frightens some males I don't understand. I know I have my prejudices. Lousy women drivers make me say that stupid woman whereas if it is a man I say that stupid SOB. However men should face up to the fact that any particular woman can be superior to most men in any field that the prerequisites require intelligence and persistence.

Thus the reason the Mid-East is still sitting in the dark ages. We need both men and women working together to advance. There is always someone who knows something you don't - be it a man or a woman.

If you exclude 50% of the population from helping you move forward, you not only stop moving, you regress. (See Afghanistan for details)

We need a lot more shells and feathers, and a lot less rock and roll?


Thanks for the mention Sissy. And I'm all for more feathers and shells!

Tomorrow is the extraordinary Sam's 5th birthday. Like your beautiful cats, he is a constant source of joy in my life.

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