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May 25, 2006


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Kate Smith sang "God Bless America." I hope "God will save America" from the hubris and stupidity of the majority of the members of both parties of our political system. The fanatical religious barbarians are at the gates, and a huge number of our countryfolk don't have a clue.

My sister-in-law's best friend was a personal buyer for Neiman Marcus for several years and met many wealthy people through her work helping them select proper clothing.

I don't know if it was through that job or not but she married very well. She was already from a wealthy family however.

I've often wondered why Hillary doesn't have a personal buyer to help her dress. If she does they aren't doing a very good job.

We were recently at the old Arkansas State House Museum and saw the exhibit of the wives of the governors of Arkansas'inaugural dresses.

Hillary's clothing is the most ridiculous of all the former spouses of Arkansas governors, Students actually laughed when they saw some of the dresses.

I don't understand why Robin Givhan gives Hillary such an obvious pass.

Laura - what a good point! I never thought about Hillary and a personal shopper. This is probably because I'm fashion impaired myself. I try not to judge others too much by what they wear as long as they aren't falling out of it or don't look like a giant sausage roll in spandex. *grin*.

What a great account of the event. I would comment over at Pamela's but I'm not registered and it's too much trouble to do it right now. I need to get over to Power Line and see how Paul wrote up the event. It's cool to have two different styles of blog coverage.


thought you might enjoy this...

HNAV, that is definitely cute. I love it. And Teresa, I shouldn't be so judgmental myself because I prefer jeans but if I were being photographed everyday I know I would have to make it an aesthetic experience.

Laura - I think you're right. She's been in the public eye for years and yet never seems to improve her style at all. I mean it's always possible to admit that your weakness is in fashion - and with Hillary everyone already knows.

Just think if Bill turned up at a function wearing a polyester suit! Yet that seems to be almost the sort of poor taste Hillary displays in dressing. I'm glad she's not wearing Hollywood clothes that are nearly falling off the body, and I'm REALLY glad she doesn't do spandex, but with some help she could wear nicer things and look much better. Although I've always thought she was going for the Russian Socialist look myself.

Russian Socialist look! Yeah! Exactly! Especially after she became Senator from New York.

The thing is, she used to change her hairstyles all the time too and some people wrote that she did that to try to fill a role that she wasn't comfortable with her own style.

So maybe she's finally found it, I am just not comfortable with it.

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