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April 29, 2006


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One of your best SISU. Here is hoping the people will show that we are "the land of the free and the home of the brave".

thank you for the fine post...

i agree with Goomp, and pray this fine Nation will not retreat...

one simple movie, a 'drop' in the ocean of Anti-USA-Anti-Bush-Anti-Everything, we are served on a daily basis...

i do hope the film will live to some potential, at least care for the memory of those lost on that tragic day of 9-11...

Sissy wrote, "Our commenters were up in arms, wondering what Sissy had been smoking".......

I don't know but I want some. Your review of United 93 was one of the most interesting I've read.

As always you layered into the review current events with your photos of the Muslim man and woman fishing. That was very topical.

While I wouldn't ever want to dress in such a fashion you managed to capture the affection between the couple. Reading sisu always stimulates thought.

YAY! You're back!

"Our commenters were up in arms, wondering what Sissy had been smoking"

No not really *grin* I knew what you were trying to say - it's just that the Muslim decree to have women completely cover themselves has always irritated me - even in a picture like yours where the couple look to be very close.

I saw the bathing suit Miss Kelly had posted, but the problem is - it allows the shape of the woman to be seen - that is a big No No for these people.

The Muslim men seem to be not only afraid that their woman (or women as the case may be) will go out and sleep with any guy she can find, they seem to think that no man on the planet has any self control. (projection of their own warped minds?) Thus it's not a turn on to them to cover the woman up - it's more in the line of keeping their woman to themselves and only themselves. Such nice guys.

Attitudes like that are why the women of this country should be fighting even harder than the men against these people. If United 93 manages to refocus those who have lost that sense of looming disaster, it will have done it's job.

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