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April 09, 2006


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And those among us who sneer at the common folk believe all cultures are of equal worth.


thanks sissy

Those pictures yesterday gave me renewed hope for the future. And your blog gives me daily comfort and pleasure.

Thanks Sissy. Love to the fur-bearing critters as well! Tell Tuck he has inspired me to do something about my living room windows!

Nicely done, but I hope this isn't meant to suggest that Cardinal O'Malley was in Rome yesterday.

He was not. Our new Cardinal Archbishop was in Norwood at St. Catherine of Siena where he officiated at the Palm Sunday Mass. It seemed like nearly a thousand people had crammed into the quite lovely church for the moving liturgy, and yours truly received communion from His Eminence's very hand.

Jane and Gayle: Thanks for your kind words.

Jane: Tuck is amused that he has inspired you to do something about your living room windows. :)

Matt: Totally awesome.

I must have seen what I wanted to see on TV yesterday. I'll admit it did seem rather soon for the good Cardinal O'Malley to be back in Rome again, especially as he has indicated -- and the Holy Father agrees -- that he should spend much time in these parts since -- as Vatican expert John Allen put it so eloquently recently -- "There is a truckload of work that has to be done in Boston."

Heh. Older bearded guys - there must have been a few.

Funny thing is in his homily yesterday, Cardinal O'Malley said a friend of his quipped on hearing of his elevation that "central casting must be running out of people."

He'll also be officiating at Easter Vigil in the Cathedral in Boston at 8pm on Saturday.

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